Amber Madison, M.A., LMHC-LP has a masters in counseling psychology from NYU and earned her bachelor’s degree at Tufts University where she wrote a popular relationship column and studied gender and public health.  She is the founder and CEO of Gender ReBrand, a company specializing in undermining gender bias in the work place.

With nearly fifteen years of experience studying gender, Amber has worked to change gender norms through her writing, lectures, and now, through business.   Determined to disprove stereotypical assumptions about masculinity (that men “only want one thing” from women), she traveled around the country and interviewed over 1,000 men about relationships, love, and dating, then penned the hit book, Are All Guys Assholes? (The answer to this of course is no–and that men, like women, are relationship oriented creatures.) She is also the author of, Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, a book for high school and college aged young women about healthy relationships and sexual health, as well as Talking Sex With Your Kids, a book for parents about how to communicate with their teens and pre-teens around this sensitive topic.  As a freelancer she frequently contributes articles about gender, dating, and relationships to a variety of media outlets.

Amber tours around the country speaking with teens and adults about relationships, and gender. She’s spoken everywhere from Harvard to the UC-Irvine to The Fieldston School to Yale Business School.  In 2008 she won a generations award from Choice USA for lecturing, writing, and media appearances concerning relationships, gender, and sexual health, and Campus Activities magazine named her a top speaker in 2011.  She is also a trained therapist who specializes in gender and relationship issues.  She sees individuals and couples at The Institute for Psychological Change on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Amber appears frequently in the media and has been a guest on The Today Show,  The Early Show, MTV, VH1,  The Bill Cunningham Show, Fox News, PIX, HuffPost Live, NPR, and appeared in an ad and web-based video campaign for Kotex that questioned the shame that surrounds the way women feel about their bodies.  She has been interviewed for Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Women’s Day, Women’s Health, Self, Real Simple, Parade, Newsweek, US News and World Report, USA Today, and Jezebel,  and has written for The Atlantic, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Men’s Fitness, The Metro, Refinery 29, and many other publications. She lives in Manhattan.

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