Talking Sex with your Kids

“Amber’s book gives moms and dads the insights we need to offer our kids advice that’s relevant to their lives.”     –Meredith Vieira

“Amber Madison is fast becoming the most trusted authority on modern issues of sex and sexuality and a conduit through which parents and children can talk openly about s-e-x.”  –Dan Reimold in Sex and the University

After studying sex education at Tufts University, publishing her first book Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, touring the country speaking with teens about sex, and winning an award for sexual health communication from Choice USA, now sex educator Amber Madison is letting parents in on everything she’s learned.  First and foremost, if you want to help your kids make responsible sexual choices, not only do you have to talk to them about sex, you have to do it in a way that addresses their real concerns with advice that’s relevant to their lives.  In Talking Sex With Your Kids, Amber offers parents a unique advantage to tackling this subject by providing the inside scoop as to what teens are really thinking, and how to approach them so that they’ll actually listen. Inside this helpful guide parents learn:

  • What you can do when your kids are young to help them make healthy sexual choices as young adults.
  • Teens’ real sexual concerns and misconceptions: “Condoms are too awkward,” “If he doesn’t hit me it’s not abuse,” and “If someone had an STD it would be obvious.”
  • Talking about sex so that your teen will actually listen: what to say, how to phrase it, and when to say it.
  • How to address sex in the media, Facebook, cell phones and other technological sex hazards.
  • What girls need to hear, and the important messages boys aren’t getting from anyone.
  • How to get over your own embarrassment, and what even the most prudish parents can do to ensure their kids make sound sexual decisions.
  • Everything you need to know about STDs, contraception, and how to deal with the unexpected.

With specific advice on how to speak frankly without giving TMI (too much information), Talking Sex with Your Kids will encourage parents to develop and embrace a more honest relationship with their children.


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