Gender ReBrand

Gender-ish 2Gender ReBrand is an evidence-informed training program designed to combat gender bias at the deepest level by helping employees rethink what they “know” about gender and gender differences.  Our incorrect—but deeply ingrained—assumptions about gender harm men, women, and the workplace.  Gender ReBrand takes the revolutionary approach of attacking the barriers to women’s leadership by exploring the constraints of gender expectations placed on both men and women and erodes the very conditions that make gender bias possible–not to mention creates happier, healthier, and more creative workers.  This unique training program engages men and women equally around the problem of gender stereotypes in the work place, and creates an environment where no one feels blamed and everyone buys into the solution.

Participants of Gender ReBrand will learn to re-think gender norms resulting in a company where men and women are more creative and resourceful, and are better leaders.  Gender ReBrand creates greater camaraderie and cohesion between male and female coworkers leading to more mixed-sex mentorship.  This training aims to decrease gender bias that research has shown impacts how work is assigned, how work is evaluated, and who contributes in meetings.  Ultimately, it develops a culture that paves the way for a more gender diverse upper management, which has been proven to lead to superior financial performance, a more favorable public image, and a larger candidate pool. 

Does your company need a Gender ReBrand?  Reach out, and let’s discuss how to build happier, healthier, more creative, efficient, and satisfied employees–as well as a workplace that’s more gender equal.  


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